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Get yourself a ….. !

yes yo! it s so far the new shirtz are available!! watch for them in Berlin at:

depot2 in kreuzberg (oranienstrasse), urban sparks (sonnenallee) in neuköln, streetz smartz (pappelallee) in prenzelberg, rocs (kopernikusstrasse) in friedrichshain or check online

watch out.peace



dem almost there…

yo! as u can see thingz workin. this week the new shit gonna make its way to ya shoulders. finally after sweat&stress thats almost done. new colors, fresh but still straight up like any time -keepin livin tough. ladies enjoy them first summer inna ninejahz time (hot!). Ali B -the freestyle king- enjoys too coz, he gonna be the first target of a ad-cards-serie (yeah!). here a preview. stay tune 4more. peace.                                                                                                                               check

Ali B -bmx mastah-

Ali B -bmx mastah-

ninejahz© iz a clothing brand which iz mixin’ street culture, hiphop & art.

here on this blog you will find all the news around ninejahz© activities

like new printed series of shirts, exhibitions & that kind of stuff…

stay tuned!


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